Our Core Values

  • We believe Social Media is an art form and therefore time needs to be set aside to understand it better.
  • We believe in measuring everything we put on social space. We might not be able to achieve that in totality but you can always try.
  • We believe in consistency on social media platforms updating and that engaging sparingly on social networks does not aid growth and online visibility.
  • We believe that adding value to the marketplace should be the first priority of any company on the social media space.
  • We believe that social media can be used to sell and promote product and services as long as it done in an ethical manner.
  • We believe in action ahead of words. Facts and stories tell but action wen carried out properly brings profit.
  • We believe in optimisation through testing. We believe there are more questions than answers and that testing provides the right ones.
  • We believe in context marketing as much as we believe in content marketing. We can say the same about paid and earned media.
  • Lastly, we believe in working with people, not against them. We empathise with people and agree that compromise is healthy.

Let's Talk About Your Marketing

We're great listeners. We want to hear your challenges and determine how we can help.