Creating Awareness about your Product & Services

Our initial goal is to source for leads who have a direct need for your products and services. We do this through an efficient strategy that helps create awareness on various social media touch points where your ideal prospects reside.

So how do we get the right prospects and how do we know who they are they? We do that by using buyer personas that create detailed representations of what your customers look like.

The strategy we use will cover their challenges, goals, and specific needs, as well as their demographical and behavioral information. The whole idea is to use the awareness part of your marketing strategy to execute a campaign that resonates with them. That gets them to believe again.

Attracting the right kind of customers doesn't happen by chance. It requires a persona-centric strategy.


We begin the social media campaign with an in-depth analysis of your target audience. By identifying audience behaviours and content preferences, we can design the most relevant, effective content to promote your and its solutions.

We do this by:

Interviewing and validating your ideal audience

to ensure your social media campaign focuses on a specific targeted audience (rather than an organization or broad market);

Completing an Online Social Channel Analysis

to determine where your target audience can be found online and their content consumption preferences;

Completing a Comprehensive Keyword Analysis

to determine the keywords and phrases potential target audience will be using to find SNAP brand;

Creating a Detailed Buyer Persona Profile and Content Strategy

customized to the unique interests and content preferences of SNAP's target users.

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